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TextLegal provides law firms with a breakthrough sales lead generation application that drives intake and revenue by meeting new clients in their greatest moments of need using the #1 preferred way to communicate—text messaging.

Our Vision

Developed by and specifically for lawyers, TextLegal’s short code technology platform seeks to enable those in need of legal assistance to easily and instantly connect with lawyers who can fight for and achieve justice on their behalf.

Our Mission

We optimize the advertising spend and increase client intake for law firms by providing exclusive, easy-to-remember keywords directly related to a firm’s practice specialty. These keywords are linked to TextLegal’s proprietary short codes and supported by our turnkey technology platform so that law firms compete more fiercely and realize dramatically better lead generation and client conversion.

Our Values

Relentless innovation.
Relentless innovation. With the rapid speed of business and life, we believe law firms should never settle for second best. We’re here to provide faster, more advanced ways for them to engage with clients and to optimize advertising ROI in today’s text-driven world.
It takes courage and resilience to defend the interests of others. We are passionate about our product and, equally important, the people who use it.
Connections Matter.
We believe small steps lead to big wins. One small word in one simple text can open up amazing possibilities.


Jonathan Merel,
CEO & Co-Founder
Eliot Schreiber,
Amgaa Purevjal,

Advisory Board

Dan Goldstein
Elizabeth Magazine

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